Participation at Copenhagen Open 1-2 th August 2020

The Danish Government has announced that borders will be open to people from EU Member States, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom (=open countries). A condition for entry will be that the infection rate in the country of residence is low – fewer than 20 of 100,000 people infected.

Countries are divided into two groups: banned countries and open countries. The list is based on the current number of infected people and is updated weekly by the national health authorities. Therefore, there might be changes in a country's status. If you are planning on travelling to Denmark, we urge you stay updated on this matter. You can see the list of banned and open countries at

Countries other than EU Member States, Schengen countries and the United Kingdom are currently by definition banned countries. However, there are a few exceptions, click on the link above for the full list. Travellers from banned countries are not allowed to enter the country without a recognised reason. Tourism and participation in sports arrangements including Copenhagen Open is not a recognised reason.

As we have experienced in the last few months things can change very quickly. We must ask everyone to continuously check up on the current guidelines from the Danish health authorities and police at It is your own responsibility to be updated right up until departure, so that you are not stopped at the Danish border. The current status, 13th July, can be seen below and are updated each Thursday at 4 PM.

We are looking forward to be seeing as many of you as possible!

  • Faroe Island and Greenland: Part of the Rigsfællesskabet, so all clubs are welcome.
  • Norway: All Norwegian clubs are welcome (requires passport, official ID with address, documentation of location of address).
  • Germany: All clubs from Schleswig-Holstein are welcome (requires passport, official ID with address, documentation of location of address). All others must live up to the requirement of 6 nights in Denmark (as well as a recognizable purpose, passport and negative Covid-19 test and completed test certificate).
  • Sweden: All clubs from Blekinge, Skåne and Kronoberg in southern Sweden and from Västerbotten (northern Sweden) are welcome. Everyone else is not able to enter Denmark at the moment, as the rest of Sweden is banned.
  • All EU Member States (not includes Sweden and Portugal), Schengen countries and the United Kingdom and Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, South Korea and Thailand: You should stay at least 6 nights in Denmark (requires booking/rental agreement, passport, official ID with address, documentation of location of address). At the 16th Juli is also Georgia, Tunesia and Uruguay added to the list.
  • All other countries: Cannot get entry permit in connection with sports events.

What is Copenhagen Open?

Its hundreds of children, youngsters, juniors, seniors and masters athletes, who have thousands of starts and a lot of good experiences! 

We open our doors every year in the second weekend of June, and can offer more ahletic events in all age groups compared to other similar Nordic athletic meetings. Copenhagen Open is attractive for all groups no matter your athletic level and age.

We bring both LIVE results and LIVE stream from the competion, so relatives, coaches and clubmates can follow the meeting from home or you can se the highlights of the meeting after returning home.

Copenhagen Open is open to all athletes, and will be an athletics festival!

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News about this year's Copenhagen Open

In 2019, the Copenhagen Open gathered more than 600 participants from 10 countries, who together made over 2,000 starts this weekend.

  • August 4thJuly 4: A successful athletics weekend with  lots of ​​great results is well over. It became a new Danish Record in the discus throw for Katrine Bebe (Sparta) with 60.43m, a new 21-year record for Thea Jensen (Hvidovre AM) in shot put with 15.85m and 14-year record for Anne Juul Jensen (Viking Athletics) in discus with 45.79m. It turned into a total of 51 Meeting Records! It should be mentioned that there were 5 Danish women under 12.00s in the 100m and 2 women under 24.00s in the 200m with Mathilde Kramer (FIF) as double winner with 11.63s / 23.70s. Mia Helene Mørcks (Bagsværd) won a string victory in 2.07.61m in 800m. Beatrices Llanos (Laksevaag NOR) threw a promising 65.57m in hammer throw, and with 3 Danes for the forst over the 60m history was written. For the men, it was Kojo Musah's (1900) 200m in 20.67s that impressed the most, and it was promising with 9 Danes under 22.00s. Benjamin Lobo (Aalborg) ran a promising 47.10s in the 400m, while Andreas Trajkovski (Hvidovre AM) showed good form with 7.56m in the long jump and Emil Mikkelsen confirmed his lift in level in the discus with 57.29m. As a form test prior to the Nationals in 2 weeks, Copenhagen Open was very promising, and especially in the sprint it was again confirmed that Hvidovre may have Denmark's fastest running lanes. The Danish Championships in 2 weeks at Østerbro Stadium looks very exciting!
  • July 30th23.50: All practical information is ready, and everyone is asked to read about the precautions in relation to Covid-19, as it has a lot of influence on the actual meeting.
  • July 28th 14.00: Then the final time schedule is ready. Both days starting at 10, and ends approx. 18 Saturday and approx. 15 Sunday.
  • July 21st 12.00: Especially in the senior classes there has been great interest in participating, and a large part of the Danish elite is in place supplemented by interesting foreign athletes. The sprint distances are very popular with more than 40 participants in the 100-200m for the women and more than 50 participants for the men. There are currently more than 1,200 entries from almost 500 athletes from 54 clubs from 5 countries. It looks to be a really exciting weekend!
  • July 16th, 11.20AM: With 3 days until the deadline for registration, there have already been registrations from 17 clubs from 4 countries, and in addition to Denmark there are clubs from Sweden (approved areas), the Faroe Islands and Germany. And there are inquiries from Norway, the UK and the Netherlands, so it seems we will have a good meeting.